HELF Hygienically Sealed Remote Control Covers

Hygienically Sealed Remote Control Covers

HELF is a milestone in hygiene and protection from germs for people at hotels, hospitals and other public places using remotes in their everyday life.


This product is a must to protect yourself, your loved ones and especially your kids from bacteria and germs. By being disposable and made by recyclable materials, HELF is truly one of a kind in its own class.


HELF is adjustable and can fit any type of remote, which makes it revolutionary, new and one of a kind product. With its security seal, when a remote is covered by a brand new HELF, it prevents the signal to reach the receiver which ensures that you are the first and the only user of that remote. 


HELF is recommended especially to people who encounter any sort of remote in public places. Researches show that remotes collect the most bacteria. Unfortunately, it is not possible to clean the remotes completely.


“The phone and remote control, two of the most handled places in hotel rooms, are almost never cleaned and harbor all manner of bacteria and viruses. Experts recommend using a Ziploc bag as a makeshift glove when handling the remote or using a chlorine antibacterial wipe and wiping down every button, crack, and crevice, spending extra time on the power button, which is touched the most.”


Dr. Mehmet Öz

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